Httpster is a showcase of damn fine website design, lovingly curated and categorised so we can perv on it at our whim. We love good typography, and effective, unpretentious design; in short, simple ideas executed perfectly. While we aim to showcase excellent development as well, we apologise in advance for including poorly coded stuff if it just looks so damn good.

Established 2012

Httpster’s first iteration was built back in 2012 when I, Dom (@dominicwhittle), shared a studio with Tom (@guvnor). We would email links of nice sites to each other but we’d lose track of them. Pretty quickly we realised we’d need a better system for sharing and tagging the stuff we get inspired by. I built a quick site in a weekend and threw it online. It's now 10 years later and we're in the forth iteration of the site.

How do I pronounce “Httpster”?

I don't know. I just sort of mumble “hipster” and then change the subject to my favourite beard oil, vegan food joints, and alternate life choices. Vaccinate your kids, for fuck’s sake.

Who drew the sick logotype?

I know, right. That was the amazing Jess Cruikshank. Super rad.


Designed, built, and curated by Dominic Whittle and the team at Weekends, with additional curation by Tom Fitzgerald of Guvnor.